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Find Children’s Books by Age!

Start with board books for babies.

Find Kindergarten reading ideas

Discover good chapter books for first graders in the 1st Grade Book List for age six.

At age 7,  children are reading 2nd grade books.

At age 8, kids are reading third grade reading chapter books for 3rd graders. 3rd grade reading books are still usually illustrated.

4th Grade is ages 9 and 10 so if you need 4th Grade Reading ideas, check those out.

The Best Books for 5th Graders are listed in my Fifth Grade Book, for ages 10 and 11.

Age 11 and 12 is 6th grade. On this list, you’ll find books for age 11 and 6th Grade Reading.

7th grade books are in the list for age 12.

When kids turn 13, they’re in 8th grade in the U.S. and usually start reading Young Adult books.